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Young! Fashion Backpack

Jun. 05, 2017

One of the leading US leisure brand TOMMY HILFIGER, leisure boutique. Its unique style design makes the brand and quality of life in the huge tide of life in the market, the top position of the crane stand. Young, sexy and true is the pursuit of modern young people, prominent personality, and stress free style of contemporary people; and many of these are also precisely the essence of American style clothing.

Tommy Hilfiger Nylon fashion backpack, moderate size, the use of water resistant nylon fabric, solid design, strong exquisite workmanship, external zip pocket, interior space is large, it can be placed on the mezzanine built flocking laptops can also be put down to carry books, etc., weight good, stylish and practical. And into the IPAD, magazines and other items, but also with stationery, mobile phones and other special storage grid.

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